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Cody Moore, has been playing music since 2011 he was a Drummer in the band The Folded Plains for 3 years, then took a hiatus till January 2018 and formed The Violet Ray which turned into a solo act of Cody Moore in December of 2018.


Deriving his sound from a mixture of folk, blues, and Country, his music is reminiscent of like artists Colter Wall, Tyler Childers, an Kaleo.

Cody Brings style to the stage with finger picking to harmonica, blending styles and sounds to make the perfect song.

He has a Full length studio album Slowicide which was released on August 2nd of 2019, Cody worked with Luke Wallace of Red Cat Recording to make this album happen.

He has brought his music to Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma an is branching to anywhere that he can.

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